Stair Building Codes

 Stair Building Codes are some of the most highly regulated and carefully scrutinized areas of the inspection process. Many a job has come to near fruition - only to be turned away by an inspector for flaw in the installation and or design of the stair. What seemed to complicate matters was the wide array of interpretation between one inspector to the next - as well as the various numbers of respected code bodies in existence.

Important - Please Read

 It is very important that you are aware of the local building codes in your city or municipality. The 2003 IRC Codes are one of the many code bodies regulating safe stair way construction.This visual Interpretation is an extremely useful guide for the safe construction practices as governed by the ICC, but cannot be used in all locations. We would suggest providing this information to your local code inspectors, as it does provide an enlightened view of many of the intricacies of code interpretation.